The two hour tune challenge

By a friend:

“The goal really wasn’t to make a song, but to better understand the tools I was using to make music. It’s very easy to get side-tracked obsessing over the perfect sound for 3 hours and never getting anything done. This exercise was intended to get quicker at getting my ideas out first, and getting more familiar with my DAW. I also found most of my creative rhythm and melody ideas come within the first 2 hours of a track when I’m not so much worried about the sounds or the structure of the song, but more focused on the musical part.
I now incorporate this technique in all of my songs where I spend the first 2 hours just getting the beats and melodies out first…everything that seems to go together first, then figure out how it will sound, get mixed and structured later.
So, I thought it would be cool to challenge everyone in this group to make a track in 2 hours and see how far they can get and then share it with everyone and tell us what you learned from the exercise. It doesn’t need to be finished or perfectly mixed…just focus on writing beats and melodies and getting more familiar with your tools so you can get more efficient on future tracks.
If you feel like participating, post your results and story on this thread”

… here’s mine

I learned a lot about how I make music. I was quite pleased with how I managed my time and cranked something out. Worked.

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Like the sounds of this. Tried something similar before, although I gave myself 6 hours!
Will give this a bash soon.

Here is my go at it. 2 hours worth of work