Thelem - haunted harmonics vip

Clip of the VIP if anyone fancies a listen. Big ups!!! :sunglasses:

Haunted Harmonics VIP

Big! Think I prefer the original but I reckon the VIP would be more mental in the dance.

yeah, prefer the original aswell. still wound’t mind a .wav though.


I wouldn’t mind a wav too…

Can’t believe thelem sits on dsf tho.

I like this version better than the original, would settle for a 320 though :wink:

[quote=“dansci, post:5, topic:4162”]
Can’t believe thelem sits on dsf tho.
[/quote]?? lots of established artists lurking here for sure

werent you pretending not to know thelem the other day?


I wasn’t pretending. I clicked through to the link, then played a few things of his page, one of which was the original version, then I closed the tab before writing and posting my comment.

free download…

ah cheers for that man! Was just about to post this in here! Big ups :slight_smile:


big ups yourself thelem! nice one for the freebie :gunfinger:

big up man, loving it

big up! wicked tune

anyway to get it without signing in that app on your facebook though?

you can put your email

…or do it via soundcloud