Thelem - We Aint The Same EP (ARTKL018)

Ez Everyone,

Just thought I’d let you know my next EP is coming up on Artikal Music. This ones going to be a 6 Tracker available on double pack vinyl and digital format.

I will be uploading full audio clips of the EP over the next couple weeks, but if you haven’t heard any of the tracks theres a couple samples below if you fancy a ganders.

[A1 - Thelem ft. T-man - We Aint The Same][1]
[A2 - Thelem - Get A Grip][2]

This EP is mixed styles I guess, from 140 -170. I hope there will be something in there for everyone :grinning:

Huge thanks for the continued support over the last few years, much respects!



yes brother! looking forward to this one, get a grip is such a thing!

was cool chatting with you when you came to San Diego. glad to see this release happening! title track and latched are the jams, stoked for the other tunes!

Let’s make this a Thelem appreciation thread maybe?

Fuck off

yes big up Thelem, this is a big EP!

Cheers guys!!! If anyone fancies winning some test presses of this I’m currently running a competition over on my facebook page —> :grinning:

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massive stuff mate, thankyou!

Ez everyone,

So sorry to post in here again, just thought I’d let you know the vinyl pre-orders are up on the Artikal bandcamp store. Hope people don’t mind me posting this, I know it wont be everyones taste. Big ups again!

ARTKL018 Thelem - We Aint The Same EP ft. T-man (Bandcamp shop link)


Clips of EP are up if anyone fancies a gander

Thelem - We Aint The Same EP Soundcloud Clips


Looking forward to this one, really big

anyone know if this is exclusive to bandcamp or if it will also be available at the usual retailers eg redeye, unearthed?

maybe @Thelem ?

in any case, big up, huge record, will 100% be copping. lots of top tier tracks on this one.

Ez man, Nah not exclusive to bandcamp, will be going up for pre-order in all the usual shops next week :smiley:

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Just a little too much 8bit sounds on this one. Really sounding the same… But great opener and dnb, feeling them.