Third Song: Pride

Here’s the song I just finished. Any critique is more than appreciated. Pretty proud of this one. I made the snare from layering some samples. Really happy with the sub. Still need to work on sampling recordings but not too bad.

(It’s the finished product of the preview I posted a few days ago).

I’d say it’s a good effort mate, mix sounds pretty good. Needs more variety with most of the elements over time - switch up the reverb on the snares, add more fills for drums sounds…and I don’t like the sound that comes in at around 1:00 but that’s just my personal taste. Even simply taking one snare or kick out in certain places can make a surprising difference and create anticipation. I also think you could work on the groove for some parts of the sub a bit more, it’s like the notes are there, but they’re not grooving with the drum sounds in some places, just slightly shifting the notes backwards or forwards in certain places can make a massive difference and create a nice groove.

Its really nice but i’d say everything’s a bit punchy and techy, but also quite ploddy (reminds me of dungeon in some ways) if you saturate/distort stuff and put some more swing & energy in the drums (currently just very 909/808 sounding static hhs) then it would be a really nice vibe, it feels like it needs to loosen up a bit.

Big up if this is your third tune your on the right track.

Thanks guys. I’m trying to get better with every track I make. I’m a drummer and honestly building the beats is one of the hardest parts for me. I can make the drums sound how I want and I can make a nice rhythm but I’m just having trouble making it groove like you can with real drums.