This is my new stuff, if you want, listen and tell me what do you think

well-made, weighty dubstep there Francesco
I would buy this on vinyl to listen to at home
unfortunately this sort of old school track,
with arabic samples and deep sub
rarely gets played out
but would be a real head-nodding steppa
on a big system

good luck

Should use different main drum samples, everything feels a bit too synthetic and lacking impact (clicky kicks with not much feel and weak clappy snares). The hats are nice and the kinda delayed percussion

sidenote: This kinda overly minimal dungeon sound is pretty much finished now if your looking to get stuff released or anything. Try and take it in a different direction that hasn’t been done.

I would love to publish on vinyl, but unfortunately I have to make myself known before the general public, but already that someone appreciates what I do makes me happy.
Thank you

thanks for the advice. i really appreciate