This one deadly

Lemme know what you think! :slight_smile:


This yours? Sounding sick bruv

Edit - The snare/clap doesn’t sound strong enough, needs a bit more crunch kinda imo

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yeah, sick track.

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dope track!

only suggestion is maybe pitch down the vocal sample or distort it somehow.

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Large up everyone! cheers for the advice! :smile:

Big bruv. Work on the mix a bit and you’ve got yourself a banger

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Into this. Sick.

my thoughts after a few listens: mix needs a little work as others have pointed out, snare needs more presence, the high bit of the pulsey stringy thing (where the notes come down from high on the 16ths) is a bit repetitive for me, just too many instances of it, I reckon you need at least one more alternative to that phrase to mix it up a bit, maybe just reverse that part or something occasionally. Other than that its sounding good :+1:

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Echo the above - sick tune, but the mixdown needs another look to help the snares and hats to stand out a bit more.

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Cheers guys, ill take everything into consideration, ill post another link in a few weeks or so, large up! :smile:

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Large up, agree with the high squares, it’s a single clap so thats why it may sound a bit weak, if anyone would like the stems, hit me up!

I’m down. PM me with the stems. I’ll do a mix down and a remix.

your on bro :smile:

any chance of checking your shit ?

here’s what I’ve got so far:
all my stuff except for tracks by NightA

here’s what I think, in the spirit of collaboration and artistic integrity, and terms:

The track is dope, but it could use some engineering. I’m good at mixing and mastering. You’re a sick producer and I could learn a lot from working on the track.

since this is for fun and to keep rights / terms simple:

  1. you get all rights to the mix / master I make as long as you give me engineering credit (mix / mastering).
  2. I can give you a separate mix file if you ever decide to get it pressed / professionally mastered (I still get engineering / mix credit though).
  3. I get all rights to my remix as long as I give you credit for the original.
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Big as all hell man!

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big vibe but the mixdown needs work… greeezy still

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Is that an SP:mc vocal sample btw?


Large up!