This wippage so far

Hey guy, You know when you spend a lot of time on a track and you cant see the forest? Well thats where im at with this one. Its a wip so theres no second drop atm but i would like to get some opinions before i spend anymore time messing with it.

I thought you were gonna post a picture of your used toilet paper

maybe next time :wink:

Can anyone offer feedback on the mix?

sounds very much like the guy who did the super meat boy music

id like to hear more synth melody and less dubstep from you

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Not helpful at all, really if you cant give constructive criticism then dont bother.

tbh, thats abit helpful, basically saying your melody is far stronger than the actual dubstep part of the track, which it is. Work on that, because imo past the drop doesnt particularly do it for me, i like parts of it where its a bit deeper, but i would say cut out the rising stabs of muddy mid range you have in there, they feel abit overused in the genre. keep up the work!

thanks that was helpful, which stabs do you mean btw?


It’s all technically ok but has no soul man :/.
You could use some little samples or FX to make it more personal.
Maybe some different strange wubs dunno