Thoughts on the new Kahn & Neek remix


what do you guys think about this tune. As a track I rate it but it sounds very similar to alot of other K&N work…


oi thats kinda heavy still, looking like next sector 7 release as well


sounds like something from the ninja dubs thread


Ive given it a few more listens and its definitely growing on me, slow burner but heavy af


i really like the percussion, love those 2 open hats that come in sometimes


bucktown 2.0



How is this OOS already!



Some dirty tactics being played.


tut tut, rwdfwd are the distributor tho I think and they still have stock


They sent me same email , ordered the plate at 5 in the morning today. Dont know what to do now. Wait till 15th or take it from rwdfwd.


there are only 500 pressed so if you want to cop it then rwdfwd is prob your best bet


Sold out I didnt buy f%&k


Kahn & Neek


white peach records quick


I can pay only via PayPal there’s no PayPal payment option I’m so flustrated now. Edit : OK fent plates accepted m debit card - good to know. I don’t live in the UK and shops often refused transactions so I have stopped using it. Thanks . It will probably show up again on red eye on the 15th anyway haha . Noo red eye pls don’t


I wish Whitepeach did reserve orders.

EDIT: WP is sold out now too. Guess I’m waiting until Friday.

Still can’t bring myself to pay £11+ for it.


first thing that crossed my mind