Thoughts on using Bandcamp as a new producer

What are people’s thoughts on Bandcamp? Has anyone used it to sell / give away tracks and have you actually had a decent number of downloads from it or got any success from it? I’m considering using it, but am not sure if it will potentially help get my name out there to labels/producers, or whether it would be considered an ‘amateur move’. I’m just wondering if using Bandcamp is useful for building up a bit of public support before sending tunes, so you maybe get taken a bit more seriously if you have that visible appreciation. On the other hand, because Bandcamp is open for literally anyone to upload their music, some labels may not see it as a serious way to discover new music? I have no idea, I’m just curious as to what people’s thoughts are. Thoughts?!

It’s not considered amateur anywhere tbh. Fully accepted as a platform, that established artists would also use from time to time.

I don’t think a lot of people ‘browse’ through bandcamp like they would on other media platforms though.

The really disheartening truth is that:
Lables wont deal directly with people. It’s only word of mouth. (At least in 99% of cases).

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Reckon it’s more worthwhile self-releasing tracks/EPs on Bandcamp and hopefully building up support, rather than sending tracks direct to labels?


But only if your tunes are of a quality where they should be out there in the first place. I wouldn’t recommend any to start putting out inferior product just to try and get their name out there.