Tips for Mashups?

If you guys have any good tips about mashups please posts them here thank you.

Use more than one song


look into what harmonic mixing is and understand the basics of it

  • Don’t do it.

Youre quite the funny one aint ya :stuck_out_tongue:

just dont fucking do it

May i ask why?

I have to agree to some point… There are no two songs that would sound better together than alone. At least that’s my impression so far; you may prove me wrong.

Even “Wooo Glut”, which sounds decent, is made out of two songs that work just better on their own.

There is just no point to it. Stick to blending tracks in the mix, it’s much more dynamic imo. It’s the same as having a premade mix for the dance except it’s only a few minutes long.

Okay, it seems like you guys dont like it so much haha :smiley:

i think this is a nice mashup:

It’s harder than normal mixing because there’s two songs together. Pick two songs that you can visualize smashing together and working well. It helps if you tune them to the same key as well.

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Thank you for an actual respone.

“Its harder than normal mixing because theres two songs together”

What is normal mixing then? Pretty sure it involves playing two songs together


lol that skrillex video had 3 million views or something stupid. all the guy did was play the two songs at the same time with a controller and cut between em with the crossfader. @MinimalState you should check out dj ez. hes the king of cutting between tracks. btw a mashup is a bit different to what i think you think it is

Lol he just played the same song on two separate channels

Not that kind of mixing. Mixing down a song before you master it is what i meant.

The best way to mashup is by finding two songs in the same key and at the same bpm. There is software available to determine and tag bpm and key signature information but it is easy enough to do on your own. Many delay effects have a tool to tap in the tempo and the one I use (gearbox) tells you the tempo and that’s how I figure it out, key is just by ear with a guitar.

You can get away with making small adjustments to tempo and key, but they will start to degrade the original quality too much before too long.