Tips on getting a strong mid bass ?


I have been posting on here a couple times today but I am just always wanting to hear what everyone is doing, I like saturating and maybe using NLS for color but have been experimenting with some other things as well. Hope everyones day is going well


saturation, layering (+eqing)…
some machines have crazy well sitting subbass with great harmonics too.
and sometimes it’s actually everything else that needs to be cleaned to suddenly have the bass sitting well.

150-300hz range can be a tricky one.


yeah I am currently trying to layer and figure out what is working best, I have been trying phasers and squares for midrange sounds anything you like? also Eq wise are you mostly doing mid side stuff other than cutting lows and highs ?


I usually cutout the low-mid range because it muddies up my mix especially bass. Anyways that’s for Dubstep, not sure about any other types of music.


Just make it louder. Should be peaking at 0db or higher


Multiband compression.