Tips on my mix down skills pls?

I started producing around december. I feel like I’m learning things but I really don’t know how my songs are/how much more to learn.
This is my latest song, maybe you can critique me based on that.

One thing i wasnt aware of when i starte producing is that yiu never really stop learning. I kind f see every track i make as a preparation for yhe next one, and i’ve been at it for 7+ years now.

Can’t play because I’m on my phone, but I ll share a few things i think everyone already here can agree with. keep your mixes below -6db on the master, any higher on a single sound and youve sapped half te possible head room in the mix. Plus mastering enineeers hate it when people do that. But don’t just turn the master fader down. Once you’ve got a decent palette of sounds and a groove going, take every single track to zero and brig thigs up gradually. Also don’t keep limiters and compressors on the master track.

Definitely want to learn a lot about eqs, filters, compressors/limiters and sidchaining.

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