TMSV on Radar Radio

Hey everyone, here’s my first show on Radar. Dubstep, dnb, hiphop, 130, everything.

I’ll keep you updated in this thread.



cool man - keep it up!

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Live tonight 4:00-6:00 GMT with some beats/downtempo stuff, dubstep and halftime dnb / bass music.


First show is excellent. Listen back quite a few times. My Bro and i were driving around and really had a laugh when your just killing it and you say something like ‘i do appologize i havnt been on the radio in a while’ hahaha just killin it

Really enjoyed the second show as well, BIG UP!

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Thanks a lot! Good to know you’ve enjoyed the first 2

Love the show

On June show:
Id on the track at 2min? Afterone?
Id on track at 10 min? 'spent all my money’
Such vibes

Big up yourself @TMSV

Afta-1! And the spent all my money tune is by myself

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Guest mix by El Maria!

Guest mix tracklist:

Ishan Sound ft. Rider Shafique & Miss Red - A Wa Yu Want [Hotline]
Florentino - Perdido [Swing Ting]
Anti-G - Reggeaton Man! [Planet Mu]
MM & Kid Antoine - Final Response [Mixpak]
DJC - C100 [Night Slugs]
Kid Antoine - Bodypaint [Her]
Fox - Downtown Uptown [Swing Ting]
DJ Spoko - Brazzaville [Bandcamp]
Nani Gomes X ZeroDix - Sunset [White]
Roska - Toll Booth (feat. Killa Kela) [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Flava D - Bare Fields [Formula]
Girl Unit - Queen B [Night Slugs]
NA - Definitely Ride On Me [White]
Sudanim - Seydou [Sound Pellegrino]
AJ Tracey - Naila (Murlo Remix) [White]
Dullah Beatz - Floating [Oil Gang]
Walton - Ready Riddim [White]
Goon Club Allstars - Buzz Riddim Refix [White]
Lington - Grand Line [White Peach]
Inkke - Chores [LuckyMe]
Apple - De Siegalizer [Logos Remix] [Amy Becker]
Folding City - Spacewalk (Doctor Jeep Remix) [Tuba]
De Schuurman - Nu Ga Je Danse (vocals By Jandro) [White]
Aloka - Typo [Punks]
Benton - Brian [Benton Beats]

Guest mix by LKY


Queen Ifrica - Ask My Granny
Kromestar - Devi
Up High Collective - Phonemica
Dengue Dengue Dengue - Badman
Redders - 96 In One (Prod. by Gorgon Sound)
Loefah - Disko Rekah (160 edit)
Mavado - My Own
TMSV - Torpedo Riddim
Chimpo - Stanna Stairlift
Doctor Jeep - Dissociate
Sam Binga ft. Warrior Queen - Wasted Days (Sully Remix)
J:Kenzo - Ruffhouse (Om Unit Remix)
Chimpo - Ram Dance Man ft. Trigga & Fox
Danny Scrilla - Obeah VIP
Samurai Breaks - Boogaloo
Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack
TMSV - Pillars [VIP]
Lynch Kingsley - Visual Echo
Kromestar - Mere Sher (Danny Scrilla Remix)
Kromestar - Mere Sher [VIP]
Oxossi - Malevolent [VIP]
Dubbacle - Raid
TMSV - Repeat
Headland - Unda Tek


Commodo - Good Grief
TMSV & Van Dam - Talos Interlude
Lamont - Outro

As far as feedback you asked for in the April Show, your smashing it, love the dub/jungle/dubstep vibes

Yea i always listen via podcast, haha recordings of the pre-recorded show :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your new lable & hope we see you soon in N. California m8


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