Such massive news



@pete_bubonic omg omg





Big fing


hope he’s hand delivering it himself for that 5 quid shipping :scream:


I dig it😎


oh fuck so gassed for bump, been after that since the clip went up a while back. Hopefully there’s a decent amount pressed cause I ain’t gonna have p for it for a few days


500 pressed

Shouts 2 the brodem they put a lot into dis 1


Overdraft here I come then lol


pon the redeye


fucking yes, wanted something to ship with that bandulu


fucking hell these tunes, toasty smashed it. Well happy they finally came around to coming out


Has anyone got a copy of the Toasty Appreciation mix i did a few years ago?





big up! thanks.


Here’s a zip file download of Toasty’s unreleased tunes he gave away in 2009 for anyone interested.



Strange days and full clip are such percys :cannon:


Its a shame they were 256 or worse


lickable at 112kbps was heartbreaking


I remember being so excited when they first got put up for download then so disappointed.

I don’t see the point of it.