Dunno how I ain’t posted a thread on this KING AMONGST MEN yet on the new forum. One of the few producers I’m still an utter fanboy about. And how couldn’t you be:

What a fucking g.

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Yeah Skinny’s an all-time tune

Never hear any Toasty out, and if it is its The Knowledge. Too Hot/Guesswork is such a plate classic biz

Nothing ever happened of those new Toasty bits Circadian Rhythms were playing did it?

Only need 2 or so plates to complete my toasty collection I believe. Guy is fucking sick though, doesn’t have a single release I don’t rate

such a don, angel is beauty

would definitely start playing some toasty out given the chance, some of this shit would sound sick and really fresh in newer grime sets

that ping pong bat snare in one life too >

here’s the big file of old toasty tunes he gave out free, out to @baddis98 for posting this on the old place

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Does anyone have the file for last japan’s toasty dedication mix? Used to rinse it but I lost the file and all the links on the old forum are dead

Here you go, friend.


any info on the tune titled “Metal” Last Japan played on Circadian Rhythms?

edit: lol i can’t use google or discogs I thought there was a lost toasty dub uploaded on youtube

Better go ask Scuba on Twitter what the hell…

and is this .rar a combination of .rars or was there ever an earlier one? I remember hearing it and not being that impressed - maybe I’m confusing it with some stuff he uploaded on myspace I don’t know because there are many fire tunes in here. Nupeggio is so good :corndance:

Although I definitely don’t remember hearing a beatless piece like “Domino” that’s for sure :corntard:

Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned this one yet.


All about this one for me- gonna draw this for radio tonight

gonna do a Toasty bass education mix soon for the series!


can never get enough of this one

Angel is one of the all-time best 140 tunes. imho.

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This bangs, but it is it supposed to sound so low-bit? I know his stuff usually sounds pretty gnarly but this is next level, haha.

just a really low quality upload haha


i have this tune on vinyl and it pretty much sounds like that


Was it second hand?

yeah it was but you can kinda tell its not down to the record quality judging by the other tracks on the record

Still couldn’t find an opportunity to play all my Storming Prod records out. :cry:

yeah i find it hard too. i always hype myself up and say im gonna play loads of breaksteppy stuff, then just draw for stuff that fits in cos im the warm up dj and its too early to go that hard.



holy fuck yes, was literally wondering what happened to these tunes the other day