Todd Edwards - Selected Vinyls (3 hours mixed by Mr. Revealomaniac)

Hey there DSF - it’s been a while!
Selected Vinyls mixtape series are back again! After succesful mixes of El-B & Steve Gurley back in 2012-’13, an essential mix of selected Todd Edwards tunes is now ready!
Also known as Todd the God and a devoted christian which is quite ubiquitous in his music, Todd Edwards has been producing US garage for more than two decades! No less than 3 hours of strictly Todd tunes in the mix can do this man justice! Enjoy the package and get your bounce on. If downloads run dry, please get the mix from here:

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Todd Edwards - Selected Vinyls (mixed by Mr. Revealomaniac)

00 Todd Edwards - Saved (Introlude)
01 Todd Edwards - Winter Behavior 2004
02 The Beloved - 1000 Years From Today (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
03 Benjamin Diamond - Little Scare (Todd Edwards Little Dub RMX)
04 Todd Edwards - Time To Care
05 Todd Edwards - Odyssey
06 Moloko - Pure Pleasure Seeker (Todd’s Pleasure For Life UK Vocal)
07 Libera - Lacrymosa (Todd-i-fied RMX)
08 Lonyo - In Ayia Napa (Todd Edwards Perfect Paradise Vocal)
09 Todd Edwards - The Prayer
10 Todd Edwards - Heaven 2005
11 Todd Edwards & Filthy Rich feat. Damon Trueitt - Stormy Day
12 Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (Todd Edwards Dub Better RMX)
13 Todd Edwards - Beckon Call 2003
14 Zoot Woman - Taken It All (Todd Edwards Soul Line RMX)
15 Kingdom - Mindreader (Todd Edwards RMX)
16 Todd Edwards - Never Far From You
17 Todd Edwards - No Scrubs (Dub Rework)
18 V.V. Brown - Shark In The Water (Todd Edwards Full Vocal Mix)
19 Todd Edwards - I’m Hopeful
20 Todd Edwards - Who You Are
21 Todd Edwards - EveryDay
22 Boris - Buzz In (Todd Edwards RMX)
23 Håkan Lidbo - I Walk Away (Todd’s Tell Someone Dub RMX)
24 Todd Edwards - You Are Wonderful
25 Todd Edwards - Like A Fire
26 Todd Edwards - You’re The One
27 Songstress - See Line Woman (Todd Edwards RMX)
28 Todd Edwards - Thru The Pain
29 Todd Edwards - My Faith
30 Utah Saints - Power To The Beats (Todd Edwards Street Soul Dubified Mix)
31 Gintare - Trancenavigation (Todd’s Vocal Of Praise Navigation)
32 Todd Edwards - Face My Heaven
33 Todd Edwards - I Might Be
34 Todd Edwards - Mystery
35 Todd Edwards - Saved My Life
36 Damon Trueitt - Run It By Me (Todd Edwards Mix)
37 Surkin - Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards Re-Kindled Mix)
38 Enya - After Ventus (Todd Edwards RMX)
39 Todd Edwards - All That Matters
40 Faylene Brown - You Know I Missed You (Todd Edwards RMX)
41 Todd Edwards - When Your Alone
42 Imogen Heap - Headlock (Todd Edwards Re-edit)
43 Todd Edwards feat. Damon Trueitt - 15 Minutes
44 Nio - Do You Think You’re Special? (Todd Edwards So Special UK Dub)
45 MJ Cole - Crazy Love (Todd Edwards Save Your Crys Dub)
46 Todd Edwards - Come Around
47 M-flo - How You Like Me Now? (Todd’s Vocal Mix)
48 Daniel Bedingfield - James Dean (Todd Edwards Life Line Vocal RMX)
49 Todd Edwards - Move To Tears
50 Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z - Crazy In Love (Todd Edwards RMX)
51 Paul Johnson - She Got Me On (Todd Edwards RMX)
52 Somore - I Refuse (What You Want) (Sunshine Bros. Re-fuse RMX)
53 Todd Edwards - The Dream
54 Todd Edwards - Be A Friend
55 Todd Edwards - Walk With Me
56 Da Mob feat. Jocelyn Brown - Fun (Todd Edwards Cut Up Mix)
57 Kim English - Tomorrow (Todd’s Dub)
58 Sound Of One - As I Am (Todd Edwards RMX)
59 Surkin & Todd Edwards - I Want You Back
60 Spank Rock - What It Look Like (Todd Edwards Remix)
Bonus!: Craig David - What’s Your Flava (Todd Edwards Vocal + Unreleased RNB Mix)

playing time: 2:59:52

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