Tols & Ronz Tiny Techno Tune Battle

Me and Ronzlo decided to have a tune battle before the next sample pack competition.

Genre: Techno
Using SPC 60 samples.

We’d appreciate a listen and a vote

  • A
  • B
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There’s something unsettling and off about B (in a good way). Very woozy vibe.

Nice work boys

Am not gonna vote until someone spits some bars

cool didnt even clock this was going on

really hard choice, I think A feels like a more complete song and makes more use of the samples. more melodic and rhythmic ideas. but B has a vibe thing going for it with the dissonance and skittish drums. 6th bar of the main loop either feels a bit off or its just used too often

gonna sleep on it and vote tomorrow

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also what is an SPC 60? is it supposed to be MPC 60?

I think it’s a sample pack Ronz had from an online drum machine/synth

P sure we used it in a comp once

A little more context:

I decided to challenge ronzlo to a battle on Thursday, since I knew he was itching to do something before SPC 62 dropped today.

We used samples from sample pack 60 for our tunes, following usual sample pack rules.

We both put our tunes together in about 3 days, just enough time to get a little techno practice in


Yeah, SPC60 is Tolsof for DSF Sample Competition 60.

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Bumping these bumpin’ tunes for a few more votes. I’ll probably close the poll thursday I guess?


Deadlock! :open_mouth:

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Were neckin harder than Mason at a giraffe exhibit


Resolve the deadlock with a tune battle


Alright, closed the poll. @_ronzlo takes it by 1.

Deserved imo, you hit the techno theme way better than I did

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What?! That wasn’t techno, that was Casio Italo.

But in all seriousness I’m honored and humbled, mainly by being asked. You’re already thinking way more outside the box than I ever did so keep it up, big tings. :gunfinger: