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Do u like it? Why do u like it? What tracks do u l
I woyld say that most of it sound the same, probably cuz massive is used a lot and in very generic ways. But some guys like Badklatt, monxx, wizards…etc are so dope and innovative…

What is riddim?

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Riddim stands for: really intense dangeours dubstep - inspired mess

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GTFO stands for: get the fuck out.


Just sounds like loopy drivel to me.

I like it… im cool with it as long as it has some sort of switchup. Ive seen songs looping one synth bar over and over for 5 minutes and thats just bad.


wont even listen to those postef but I vaguely remember some kromestar etc tear-out being called riddim at some point but maybe I remember wrong

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80% of people in the “riddim” scene are utter dickheads

pretty much every riddim tune sounds like a vip of the last

why is it called riddim

just no


what the fuk is this riddim nonsense.

the only riddims i know about are Dub tunes. riddim (rhythm) is usually a cut or version of a track thats stripped of vocals, focus on the bass drums and/or melodic aspects.
or it could also be used for literally the rhythm of a song, like how reggae choons often have the same chords n shit as other reggae tunes - a good example is the Sleng Teng riddim

whats this fuckin bulshet man


Jamaican riddim is whack as fuck.

rebranded brostep
you’re not fooling me


if by riddim u mean the vaccuous triplet dubstep stuff then,

it was kinda different at first but now its fucking annoying as shit

and the community that circle jerks over it is even worse

i liked it when it was like, megalodon, badklaat and requake.

but like wizards n bloodthinnerz n stuff are wack as well.

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"What is “Riddim”?

In the case of Dubstep and it’s ever evolving sound, how the word is being used today is to describe a Dubstep Riddim, which is a track that usually features: Triplet Percussion Arrangement, Sawtooth LFO Automations, Minimalistic Layers, Wide Delays, and lots of Flanger and chorus filters. Or in English, it’s that really bouncy, wonky, swampy, wet, drippy, sometimes repetitive side of Dubstep that you can’t help but skank out to!"

Considering that Dubstep at its inception was rejoiced because of its formlessness, to have a sub genre where the ‘rules’ are so clearly laid out is laughable and slightly depressing in its restrictiveness.


I think it is the more metallic Dubstep. Such as Trollphace.

gotta love that first sentence there too “In the case of Dubstep and it’s ever evolving sound,…”


Just more formulaic brostep.

The ironing is delicious.

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it sounds like brostep to me and i hate it with a passion


Worse, brostep with the good ideas taken out. At least brostep from time to time does throw a curveball in terms of progression/arrangement.

This is just formulaic as fuck. A bass patch alone is not enough to drive a track, there needs to be something else in there.

Swear riddims are just pretty much the same pattern all the way through with very few changes to it. Like Coki’s tracks which have the word “riddim” at the end just sound like the same thing along with Skream’s track just called “riddim”.