Tosti - Jan 22 2013

Hello all! Wondering if there’s anyone out there that listens to Bloodthinnerz, Deemed, Akira, Jam PRD, AD, or just dubstep from the record label Monsters or if you listen to Riddim Dubstep. If so then I’m looking for the track at 9:22 with the sample from the movie American Gangster. It plays over another track which is Mystic & Trom - Tirans. Tosti deleted a lot of his tracks on soundcloud that were from back when this mix was released so its going to be much harder to find it if it was even made by him. Therefore I don’t expect to get a lot of help, If anyone is able to point out any other tracks then please do so. I know this is an old mix but I would really love to get a track list. Theres a link to the mix in the description that leads to soundcloud but Tosti deleted it :confused: . Thanks!

Credit to Tosti for the mix and anyone elses tracks that were included

why dont u ask him?

I sent the guy an email in like February. No response. However I DID ask bloodthinnerz on facebook a month ago or so by posting to his page because one of his tracks was on there (the second one playing over the first one with that wobble and the sawtooth air raid sound (bloodthinnerz - WRTC) ) and he pointed out 2 of the ones that i asked for, a week later I came back and asked for the one at 9:22 that im looking for and unfortunately he never replied since. He IS a bit of a responsive producer since he talks with his fans a lot but yeah I didn’t get a reply from him. Either he didn’t know or he was done with that since I asked him for only 2 tracks, then I come back later and ask for another.