Track ID, from Kromestar's GetDarker #120

At 3:03:13, Kromestar drops this track that I’ve been trying to figure out for years. Anyone know the ID? Kind of sounds like Kromestar but I don’t know…

I feel like I heard this in the obscure 12s thread. If not, somewhere else.

Could be wrong altogether tbf.

Was worth a shot, thanks! I looked through them, couldn’t find one similar. Who knows, maybe it’s not Kromestar and it’s Dark Tantrums or another related producer.

the tune sounds soo familiar to me, kinda bothering me that I cant remember

edit: right as I typed that out it popped into my mind

used to play this out myself quite a bit, fun tune to mix

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Biiiiig tune, thanks for the ID man

check your SC inbox inna bit

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are you supposed to give dubs out without the producer’s consent which i assume is what you’re doing, i mean i would personally, but jw :neutral_face:

mind ur own business, we chat all the time on SC ya dummy

leave u two love birds alone ;*