Tracks similar to Kerri Chandler's "Return 2 Acid"

I just love that it’s so funky AND so hypnotic. Any suggestions?

I can’t help you with that one (at least not for now lol), but if that’s not the most hypnotic sexfunk jam you’ve ever heard… well, in that case all help is lost eitherway. :wink:

Great record indeed, though i am looking for something more danceable. Boddika’s Acid Jackson fis the description pretty well too, I’ve found.

good one, indeed very similar in structure as well.

less similar, but equally funky and hypnotic is this one

That tune has long been a favorite.

Here’s another Kerri tune that always gets me going while I think about some deep acid tracks.

Boo Williams dude.

This outsexies most other stuff still:

For funky, acidic house look at Creme Organization- and Rush Hour’s output.

Were you after this?

Or this?

thanks guys for all the good input.will check all of these during the next days

holy shit that first boo williams is good!