Tri Angle Records


yeah i hadn’t heard of em till people started talking about sd laika


tri angle is raw as fuck. one of the few labels, even music in general, that i can’t get enough of


Alright so I had to google to make sure that Brood Ma is not Andy Stott, and apparently it’s not the same guy although I did have my severe suspicions. Either way that album is genuine as fuck and really engaging although a bit too cerebral for its own good at times


haha you can look him up fairly easily and he looks nothing like AS, if nothing else.
Good LP tho for sure


Liking this more than last release of his


So: last few releases have been hit or miss for me. Some of it’s still interesting, some of it is really not.

Sort of on the fence about this one though:

I’m not typically a fan of R&B with vocals, even if it’s “experimental” or whatev. And this is like… pretty conceptual and very gay (and I mean that literally, not derogatorily). Dude’s definitely, um, interesting to look at.

Like the idea of sampling someone like Berlioz though and the lyrical themes are pretty deep.

Not sure if this is on Tri Angle but saw this Hanz tune in the SC feed and it’s… nice. Kind of oldskool.


digging this four ethers tune, not sure this is something i’d cop, but this is definitely quite unique

edit: on a weird rnb tip, this recently popped on my SC feed, still trying to decide if its genius or retarded


Yeah Triangle seem to have gone back to their roots of weird twisted out pop and rnb. I dont much care for the last couple of releases, the recent snake one on SC sounds alrite but thats probably because its a haxan cloak tune more than anything.


New Balam Acab… Not sure if it’s a T-A release but if so, it would fit the trend.



You know - if they had shirts for sale even like 6 months ago I might’ve considered it… for like 2 seconds, until I saw the price ($33 USD).

After the last batch of releases though… :thinking: …meh. I think Rabit and Lotic were the last signings I was hyped on. The latest release (Katie Gately) is probably gonna get some commercial success but isn’t my cuppa so far.


Yeah I think I would have to have had a few beers at a good show of theirs before i copped a T. Im wonderning where they will go next tbh


Kinda sad (it was nice to have a label I was amped about again) but - in a way a label’s a creative enterprise too, and they have to follow their own muse. Even if it’s wack. :smirk_cat:


Missed this one:

S’ok. Again, vocals… eh. [shrug]


฿☈⊎⍡ ⌁≛ :moyai: ≛⌁

Feeling this one.


first tri angle release i’m excited about since the roly porter lp tbh