Tri Angle Records

Heavily into all their stuff since @murky21 put me into them via Forsest swords LP (which is in my top 5 of all time)

They put out a free LP yesterday and Im liking it alot

Other stuff:
SD Lakia (Gantz risnes this tune haha)

Forest Swords



I could post a bunch of other shit like the Vessel lp, Haxan cloak, the rabbit EP etc but yeh big label imo


Forest Swords LP is amazing, fully rate him - he got any new bits about?

Altho remember someone putting this on after Deep Medi x Teachings in Dub at Hobsons, was a dodgy experience:

oi @Johnlenham after this one System deadrats, ch3 and myself had a listening session to SD Laika’s album which I just bought that day… Weren’t you around aswell? Or am I imagining things?

Anyway, classy as fuck…

Haha that was Wubstep. He runs an essentially Noise night called Cacophonous Sarcophagus
So yh hes into the fully mad shit at all hours of the day

Nah but I knew they copped it that day. Its good innit

Yeah big up Tri Angle, been my fav label since Forest Swords’ LP too.

Really rate the newest Vessel LP as well, Red Sex is so fucking sick


never noticed that was filmed at a venue called the island in bristol, i’ve actually done a dump in there, for that is the toilet

fun fact

1 BigUp

haha yeh that is the Island. Cool venue (ex police station with working cell toilets) I saw Shakelton, Vessel and EEK there in winter last year

ah wish i’d been there for that, saw objekt, bake and james ruskin there past couple months definitely my favourite venue in bristol

Mate wtf’s up with youse and your mad noise post-rave listening - too much for me

Was liking the little garage vibe me & Riddles had going

Hobson’s acapella of this too

nah it was the day after, after brekkie. can’t remember what we were listening to right after System since I fell asleep pretty much the instant we entered Ch3’s door.

Haha anytime Wubstep is about the mad shit comes out. Playing shakelton tunes at 33 then 45 and back and fourth.

Going to this soon, should be good for £8

I reeeally fuck with Balam Acab, always cringe at the sound of Holy Other (actually saw him open for mount kimbie once and almost fell asleep), and know nothing else about this label but am about to flick through the tracks you lot posted.

Balam isnt bad, I have one of thier releases as it was cheap on redeye.

yep, my fav label of the last 5 years alongside PAN and oc Houndstooth

Decent interview! also
Free LP here

Cheers for the heads up on this, looks like it will be sick. Ever been to that venue before?

Jus seeing this thread now… Tri Angle is hands down my favorite label of the last 5 years plus, easily, and probably the only one I can think of whose releases get the benefit of the doubt before I even hear 'em.

Sd Laika fucked me up actually - that album was so good and so weird and so out of nowhere that it made me sort of give up on my own productions for a short while, then when I started again had to be careful not to try to bite off that sound - it had that much of an effect on me.

Been following tri angle for a minute… always got quality tunes & some great artists…
would love to be signed to them… probably won’t ever happen though lol

Casual ending lol

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Communion’.
Released October 30th via Tri Angle Records.
LP, CD & Digital.
Stream Rabit - Pandemic by TriAngleRecords | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


  1. Advent
  2. Snow Leopard
  3. Fetal
  4. Artemis
  5. Ox
  6. Flesh Covers the Bone
  7. Pandemic
  8. Burnerz
  9. Glass Harp Interlude
  10. Black Gates
  11. Trapped in This Body