Trim - Crisis

Intro to the album. I’m sure I read Vending Machine won’t be on the album anymore… or it’s gunna be different to the one thats been released.

Anyway I hope this doesn’t end up like a typical grime album; loads of hype, couple samples of tunes and then the idea gets dropped.

Trim still the best MC in the scene.

He was supposed to be doing with something with the 1800 dinosaur crew. They were talking about an EP they’d all be producing on. I hope it’s being incorporated on the album, was sooooooo hyped for that.
Actually, I saw him and Airhead in Brighton recently. Not much more than a week, if even. They blew that shit uuuuuuup. When Confidence Boost came on I rushed to the front of the club, right in front of them and just started shaking the barriers when the chords intensified. While trying to rap along with him lol.

I guess we won’t be seeing Roachee on the album then lol… both going at it on twitter. I thought they were cousins as well; or at least related in some way.

So who does Trim have left that’d still collab, Scratch?

Does he even need it though?
How serious is their twitter beef? I feel like they might just could be attention seeking lol

Does he even need what? Roachee on the album or friends in grime? Neither I guess, but him and Roachee have always had mad chemistry together. Trim brings that flow, Roach the aggression.

I would have guessed the beef is quite personal; considering their cousins… but theres a video of Roachee spraying lyrics already… so dubs could be coming.

wow, that was pretty decent! will keep an eye out for more of this.

link dat vid man, cant leave me hangin

insta blocked at work :frowning:

“Its kinda mad on the ends, them man aren’t allowed back on the ends, these lot wanna gas on the web, bap bap lick out the back of his head”

watched it on my phone, Roach has lost it a bit imo.

Shots fired though, always a good thing! If Trim replies this could be lengthy… I was worried this would be out-of-music beef.

I hope this isn’t some fake shit to promote Trims album tho. I’m sure its not, but if it is… uh.

Jammer releases Royal Rumble same day cousins decide to beef ahead of forthcoming album for one of em. ILLUMINATI

always has been like that tho.

Well Trims said he ain’t writing lyrics. Put an end to that lol

I think it probably is fake tbh, though I don’t think it being used as a promo tool would upset me. I’m more excited by the potential to hear more trim than I am concerned about him becoming famous.