Trojan Audio - New label on the block

Easy all, just a quick introduction from ourselves, be rude not to!

We’re Trojan Audio, dealing with all things minimal and bass. We aren’t completely against vinyl, we just prefer to release on Vinyl - our favourite format!

We’re currently signed up to TA003

TA001 -

A. Ollie 303 - Glastonbury South East
B. Ollie 303 - Glastonbury South East (AxH Remix)

TA002 -

A. Argo - Recurrence
B. Argo - Recurrence (Thelem Remix)

If you want to contact us hit up on the contact page -

We’re distributed by Unearthed - Mastering doing by Shane @ Finyl Tweek - Artwork is by Pixelcutter

Big up!

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If I still made dub step or techno often I’d hit u up. Another one lost to making stupid beats


Loving that Ollie 303 tune

gwarn, big ups nathan, nice to see you got argo on board hes a machine :smiley:

Big up K

Got a few more heads involved but can’t disclose them yet

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nice one man! some serious names on there, will give em a listen when i get home from work

003 features a remix from the sparrow himself


Pick up the new Trojan Audio release (001) at Intense Records. Link hereunder:

Be sure to check out our website for all the latest dubstep releases / pre orders

Use promo code ‘dubstep2015’ for 10% off your order!

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