Troyboi vocals

I’d love to know where Troyboi gets some of the vocals he uses. Some examples are in his track "Wonky" If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be ever so greatful! ^-^

Can’t say where that one came from, for the “let’s get wonky” but look through acapella packs on places like datpiff and just sift through for simple and catchy lines from rap songs. There’s a bit of processing done to it, pitching down and some delays/stereo imaging, don’t be afraid to fuck around with chorus and flangers, can’t tell which but it sounds like he’s been on it.

The female singing sounds like it’s coming from asian, especially Indian, music. So just look for bollywoodesque songs and get sampling.
Other than that, just chopped up parts rolling around. The ‘male’ part towards the end sounds like the female part just chopped up and pitched down.

Thanks for that man, I’ll have a look around^-^