Truhed lineup

post your ideal overly headzy lineup, either something you’d wanna see but never be able to promote successfully or just niche for the sake of showing ur 140 peen

dubstep room
-d1 oldschool set
-random trio set
-shackleton old school set
-cluekid b2b ld

grime room
-flippy smalls
-dubplate mex

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Just the one room;

Kode9 (roots of… set)
El-B (roots of… set)
Artwork (Big Apple classics set)
Hatcha (2002-04 set)

Would ideally be a basement bar, 200 capacity and a lax smoking policy. Night would run 10-4, everyone doing 90mins.

Room 1:
Vivek b2b mala
Compa (soundscape set)
Youngsta (2005 set)
Shackleton b2b coki

2 hour sets each

Room 2:
Kode9 VS Hatcha
Circus records b2b2b2b

4 hour sets each


burial b2b zomby 12 deck set
but its a fake banksy mcdonalds


Big dark raving room:
Source Direct

Smaller room for party vibes:
Delroy Edwards
@Liam92 old school hip hop set


Que hipster

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room 1
walder + tamas +pylon
raiden + proket
the sect
high tech

room 2
paradox + seba
teebee + polar k
damnit i forgot source direct

room 3
duranduranduran :bomb:
bogdan raczynski
venetian snares

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like a lot of the above

local hall BYO
autumn Sunday afternoon into evening 2pm to 10 pm
with westering golden light then starry sky
Qualia, Garage Pressure, Boot, Victim, Eli, Zero Dub, Sub Bass Snarl, Western Synthetics, Kieran Hellmore, Qualia, Low Society crew, Southern Steppa crew, Crooked Sound System, HPP, Vaccine, Vivek, Skream, Actress, Mala, Boxcutter, Shackleton, LAS, Seven, Be-1ne, Beneath, Caspa, Youngsta & crew, Joe Nice, D1, Cyrus, Coki, Phaelah, Goth Trad, Clouds, Wen, Hackman, Rob Smith
& any ninjas that could make it
sitting, standing, dancing around
offering up dubplates & good vibes
for N-Type to play out with the assistance of DQ1.

I would SO go to that.

Throw in Sd Laika and I could die happily right after the show.

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Duno about tru head etc but would like

Kahn + Neek VS Commodo & Gantz
Shakelton + Appleblim (Skull diso ting)
Deleted Scenes
Kode 9 (Dark Garageset)

Maybe when Im fucking minted from promoting, ill make this happen somehow

Hahah big up

oh yeah on mic duties, crazy d and task in my dubstep room

boyz in the hood, esco, trim in my grime room

friday to sunday marathon biz, in this order

random trio
vex’d b2b distance
slt mob b2b plastician b2b mrk1 w/ virus syndicate
kode9 (garage to early dubstep set)
hatcha (2001-2007 set)
oris jay b2b j da flex
surgeon (ableton set)
storm b2b randall (hardcore & jungle set)
fabio b2b grooverider (house set)
steve gurley (uk garage set)
hessle crew (ruffage sessions throwback set)

Oris Jay only if he does at least 50% Darqwan.

Think DMZ/Deep Medi 06ish

Skream b2b Benga 2002-2007 set
Goth Trad b2b Chef
Mala b2b Coki b2b Loefah
Cyrus b2b Tunnidge
Silkie b2b Quest
Distance b2b Pinch

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Is there some audio on that?

closest i can find

Eastwood & DJ Oddz w/ Slew Dem
Slimzee w/ Dizzee
Logan Sama LOTM Classics Set w/ Skepta, Devilman, Scratchy, Footsie, Wiley & Kano
Oneman b2b Jackmaster b2b Ben UFO b2b Bok Bok (4 hour set)

& a lot of others already mentioned (mainly by ultra)

LAS b2b Mikael
Loefah 2004-06 set
Coki (only dubs) b2b Mala (dubs and Mala in Cuba set)
Kromestar (only dubs) b2b VIVEK (only dubs)
Commodo b2b Kahn b2b Gantz

basically I should’ve just gone to DMZ 10 (if I had $1000+ to travel over there for one show)


Subject to change.

Room 1:
•skream & benga vs dmz
•kahn b2b commodo b2b gantz
•chef b2b joe nice (the coki guy vs the mala guy)

Room 2:
•silkie b2b quest
•cluekid b2b ld
•deleted scenes
•random trio
•the others
•rusko b2b caspa (old school dub police set)

Room 3:
•youngsta b2b hatcha (roots of dubstep)
•el-b b2b benny ill (roots of dubstep)
•shackleton (skull disco sound set)
•kode9 b2b plastician (garage vs grime - could be interesting)