Truwavz - Propel [Dubstep/Chillstep]


This track could be considered “experimental” Dubstep. It starts out super-energetic, then goes into a Chillstep mode, then progresses into various musical ideas.


Nice production/mix and I like the experimentation, it all comes together nicely. I enjoy the chill portions more than the hard stuff, that’s just me though.


Thanks so much for that…Not so sure it could be a “hit” because of the song form (or lack thereof), but that was just the progression of sounds that naturally came into my head at the time…

Are you a producer? I checked your profile, but I don’t see any tracks yet…


Still good stuff going on regardless of the structure. I just signed up to the forum but I like to make old school riddim sounding tracks, experimenting with beats but haven’t gotten into melodic sounds like you have going in this track.



Yeah, I’ve been playing keyboard for many, many moons…Best to you, let me know if I can help.


the intro is chaotic/spooky

euphoric ‘drop’ too,

sounds a little bit ‘thin’ not sure if that will make sense,

love them bleeps around 1:08, n the vocal snippets around 1.20

develops into a mad funky little number too, really restrained, like it man/woman :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay…I was locked out of the forum for a long time (technical issues)…Just saying thanks! Regards, Anthony