Trying To Make Heavy Metal Drum Fills (Excision Style Drum Fills)


Whosampled gives up no answers…


It might be something less well-known… like a random jazz record or something


I wish I knew. Those drums are ace.


Maybe crate digging is a good idea, just think of how many old records are out there that you can get for a couple of quid because they’re not famous tracks and so nobody cares! The quality of recordings from the '70s is generally really good because it was still a pro kind of thing back then and people took it seriously, plus all the equipment was top notch. I mean, have you ever heard a record from that era and think the engineering was shit? I can’t…


I’ve got a bunch of old soul, funk etc records with some nice drums on them. Need to hook my turntable up to my laptop and get sampling. I want that specific break tho… so nice.


There are drum fill sample packs out there.

Also, maybe consider something like Addictive Drums 2 which are all real kits. You can get different packs for it too.


Those are all classic breaks. I can’t remember the name of them off the top of my head plus I had a habit of renaming my breaks because I often didn’t know what they were.


helpful site:


I was about to link that. I just put word out on the Grid because it was driving me crazy.


ah… The amen brother drum break, the start of dance music…


Lol, I’m not even going to go there right now. I’m on hold on the phone atm.


Btw that’s a nice site, im gonna bookmark that


anybody try for uploading samples, songs, ect?


The initial responses were that it may Soul Pride and Plastic Jam. It is definitely a blend of a couple of breaks. I can hear it when he pulls out one of the breaks in the mix.

Considering that this was made in 1994, it sounds to me like he wasn’t using any timestretching and was just pitching the breaks. I think timestretching was barely coming out then and the older samplers didn’t have that capability.


Is that even still around. That was way before Soundcloud. I couldn’t take my own tracks down, I had to email them to do it. I think that they are down.


Word coming down the line is that one of the breaks is Can We Rap.