Trying To Make Heavy Metal Drum Fills (Excision Style Drum Fills)

Super useful, but so hard to make…

So if any of you guys have any tips on how to make drum fills that would be truly appreciated.

I thought sampling one would be the easiest thing to do

Korn did have a sequenced one on one of their tracks but I can’t remember which one

Learning how to make your own drum fills I think is better, because if you learn how to make your own you have an almost unlimited source. But if you sample one then it’s limited

Watch some tutorials on metal drum fills. They tend to be just 32nd notes between various toms/snare with double kick pattern underneath. Blast beat is alternating snare/ride with double kick pattern. The real difficulty in doing it on a computer is the lack of dynamics as well as the sound that metal kits usually have

Rip a bunch of shit from black/death metal songs. That’s what I do.

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Sample heaven - Good Metal Drums, Now making the fills…

P.S. YouTube is banned over here

Well that sucks.

Put this together in 10 minutes using the drums from a slipknot song.

I think I’m going to go plunder my music collection today for metal drums and fills

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are there any good sound hosters? (except soundcloud and YT)

I think freesound is probably your best option

That beats the shit out of most jump up!

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I hate Captcha… it never shows up

limited, but ok 1000mb per week only in mp4 ;-;

Feel free to download, its at 140bpm. My first time trying

Sick drums, obviously sampled and rejigged so inspiration…

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Those were all original… I made them myself

I meant the track I posted, not you! Sorry