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For me, this was one of dubstep’s biggest earworms back in the day. I must’ve found out this track one summer night in 2013 while browsing through the Hyperdub catalog. One big reason I love this track is because it basically answers the question “What if Daft Punk did dubstep?” in the best way possible. bit of a hot take :badteeth:






a) is this house?
b) anyone link some similar ridds?

if it’s house then this is the first house tune i’ve pulled up


Uk funky ?



Also just champion in general, hes got a solid amount of bangers


not really feeling any of those tbh :’(
anything more bassline-focused like the lighter VIP i posted, or this tumble audio one?

this is all “uk funky” then?
(putting that in quote marks makes me look like i’m about 70 years old but i’ll leave it)

also, what is this and where can i find more?


that bassline oriented sound is basically champion’s thing. UKF isn’t really a dark moody truheddy genre for the most part.

Do you know beneath? Ive not rly kept up with him but his early shit is very UKF influenced while being very moody. Noy as hyper as lighter but sorta in that direction. Hes got his own thread on here and posts sometimes even. Used to love this EP


that’s almost good. it sounds pretty far out for the genre but feels like he’s holding back a little. if there was a couple of mad bassline switches it could be a banger.
i should stop trolling when i open FL, i could remix this shit and make it better if i put my mind to it lol

champion is the boy so far for me. i checked his boiler room set and did a little digging.
kinda surprising that nobody seems to have jah’d this genre up. there’s potential for fewer hats and more reverb’d snares imo.


lol you got some cheek calling beneath almost good :dikembe:


i’ll call a m8’s tune shitty if it’s shitty. me calling a stranger’s tune almost good is high praise tbh.

beneath, if you’re reading this, i can tell you’re a good producer from that tune but in future you need to utilise more jah.