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I did some dubwise uk funky stuff in 2012 or so, wouldnt say its good tho haha


Nowadays he’s more affiliated with the contemporary UK techno-ish type stuff (Hessle, Livity Sound), but trust, all his old tracks were some of the gulliest UK Funky to ever come out. It was actually his 12" on Tectonic that introduced me to Funky, although it was a more dubstep-infuenced, aggier version of it.



what an epitaph to both one’s failure & success.


personally ripped this tune myself. i’ve never heard such an otherworldly ambient track like this. Seriously can’t wait for an official release of this track.
I remember listening to this almost exactly a year ago. I was high (for the first time), and listened to this track from Silk Road Assassins’s November 2016 mix on Radar Radio. I looked at the sky, and saw a glowing city similar to the one in the video thumbnail. It was beautiful.


finji played this in plug and ive been looking into this brazil “funk” stuff

this ones too gangsta


ice cold electro, shame its only a clip, I cant find the full tune online




kimyan law is so underrated imo


generally the album smacks of Mediterranean nightclubs full of the classy rich
with lovely vocals over beats that allow one to forget the needy
but there are are few moments of beautifully produced instrumentals
with keyboards & dub that allow one to forget the wealthy

referring to Temple of I & I (track 6) by Thievery Corporation
@ 18.35


can’t seem to edit the above post


been listening to heaps of this beach goth shit lately


Banana me this is a best of 20+ tracks. Oh ya this isn’t a conspiracy anti forum. Punk rock is aloud


I drank a six pack of ipa beer. My brain is in the drain. Literally it sucks heh


late but had this on repeat

thats sub club in glasgow in the pic too, very sick place



so good


DM have been playing Useless on their latest tour, with fragments of this as the intro. Love this version.


the first line of vocal sounds like Jim Morrison
then sound like an English band, say Blur or Wire
the bassline, keys, guitar, loose percussion with dub production so attractive
chilled, cool & warm at the same time.


most underrated and gnarliest prodigy track