Tune of the Day



that is a banger, this is the best Prodigy tune though IMO, absolute fucking smasher



Yeah thats a slapper

man I used to absolutely be in love with the prodigy for about 2 years as a teen.

especially the 1st two albums. TBH the whole rave hardcore era was THE SHIT for the prodigy, few bad tunes at all. Shit is still so fun to listen to.

could post any track from the prodigy experience. They are all so fucking satistfying and crunchy in the right way. Love em all.


that sunrise version used to be my fav tune to listen to while snowboarding haha, so fun bombing down hills to that track


oh man I used to snowboard but never listened to music while doing it, seems bare obvious now

that sounds fucking perfect mate haha



anyone know similar sounding shit? Such an unreal tune


kinda similar


so apparently one of the lespoints crew outta zurich just gave me at a gig his copy of alicia. just like that. ‘‘keep it’’ he said, knowing it will be in good hands :slight_smile:

he knew about the (discogs-)value.
it really makes sense, that they have an EP out there called ‘Occult-Anti-neo-liberal-Acid-Squad’





cant run the marathon without training,
or stretch the arsehole without straining


and just because you rhyme words
doesn’t mean you don’t create turds




used to get rly hype to this




big ridd