Tune of the Day


I like the percussion in this


@mks didn’t you post this a while back?


Not that particular mix, no. I have been known to post a lot of Funkadelic though.


I first heard this on acid, almost cried reminding me of Europe


Listened to this album this morning.


cant post in the rap thred cus I go too hard but ths is defo tune of the day anyway


I often heard this played 45t in beginning of drum&bass mix during free tekno parties in the end of 90’s





J(apanese)-trap LOL

To be fair it’s better than most K-pop…


anyone else clocked this new r&b guy

pengggg this and boofiness go hard

thought he was a london drill guy when he popped up on my spotify reccommend cus his name but hes from the US midwest apaprently lol, despite the london gyal samples on here


Lahdan gyal samples on west coast R&B? CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!

Lol sounds alright though



anybody got some sick jazz recommendations like this ridd?

i’ve been going through byrd’s discography a bit, and he’s fucking sick, but it’ll take me 40 years to just go through every blue note album and i ain’t expecting to live that long


Oh man, where to even start?


yeah that’s a fucking banger, youtube linked me that, i’ma bump your thread




this used to go off in the club lol


def a drink spiller in the right room