Tune of the Day


Badawi self-remastered The Heretic Of Ether for digital release, modern classic imo and its finally available in digital 20 years later :gunfinger::gunfinger::gunfinger:

@CreamLord perfect ting 4 the next ket sesh


Woah, that’s sick :gunfinger:


new Lee Gamble


starts off a bit shit, but some serious bangers inside

tune at 17 minutes is blezz, played this a few years back at some shitty late night rave on a b2b with a friend and it rattled the room, perfect tune for the long blend as well

tune at 42:30 minutes might be the most truhed tune in an n64 game ever lol, too good, i love how the audio chip can’t really do polyphony very well so the sounds are all truncated to shit, adds a nice step to the thing

its always strange listening to this stuff now and it bangs but the tunes were all designed to be played out a terrible speaker at the bottom of a crt television.


how do you find good versions of old game tunes or are they normal tracks that were just selected for the ost


for a lot of games the easiest way is just to download a rom and extract the audio from there, depending on the console it can be super easy, some are tougher

for forsaken i think they released a CD audio version since the ost was made by some semi notable 90s goblin ravers ( + the PC game cd had the whole soundtrack easily ripable ((a lot of pc games at the time you could just put the disk into a normal cd player and the music would play like a normal music cd)) (**my quake CD lived inside my CD player more than my computer because of the soundtrack, Interstate 72 was the same iirc, gully soundtracks)


tangent, but Quake still has some of the coolest sound design in a game imo, really chunky and iconic sounds

the grenade bounce sound hngg @ 1:55

been sampling these for too long now haha

game was properly scary when it first came out because of the sound haha


That little breakdown at 18:20 to 19:00 is sick


this tune is keeping me warm lately


Woah woah, forgot about this



unique ass album, listened to it so much for a couple years


Yeah man, think it was you who tipped me on it ages ago




posting about the forsaken n64 soundtrack yesterday, then found out there was a cd release with a bunch of silly remixes when ii looked into it further


when you are so far removed from brostep it actually starts to sound p sick again

this tune is dummy

building a really stupid playlist for tomorrow’s radio show, brostalgia b2b late 90’s try hard counter culture shit that is my youth

@woke thred


Noisia have nuff decent tracks even tho they lean p bro


this tune has no right to be as good as it is, gave me a serious ‘what the heck’ when i got this plate in the mail, not usually a big fan of this sort of anemic ‘deep house’ vibe, but this can do some damage