Tune of the Day



Melody on this


nin is dope in that. i still havent listened to the doom 2016 soundtrack but i doubt its as cool as that. the best podcast was the ben harder show back in the day dark industry podcast. it might still be somewhere.


the doom 2016 soundtrack is mostly metal but i was thinking it was like this track. kinda cool



i want a fps that has a soundtrack with stuff like this

not one guy that makes the soundtrack, reminds me a bunch of artists are making a new static x album.


Probably my most played track last year. Fucking bangs in the car



the production on this :gunfinger:




I remember not liking this when I first heard it, but those weird vocals have like burrowed themselves into my brain by this point and I can’t get enough of it now





Fresh DnB, nice jungle/jump up blend imo… I know it’s not one tune but whatever lol