Tunes that sampled Blade Runner

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post them… post them all!

Zomby and DJ Odz spring to mind

off the top of my head:
vex’d - angels
dillinja - the angels fell
goldie - saint angel
dom & roland - mechanics

Want to add Tunnidge - Dark Skies but you said most of what I remember

Distance - Radical
Tunnidge - Lights

dillinja-silver blade is the classic

i knew it was full of bladerunner samples but it was still cool watching the film for the first time and noticing when those horns come in

Distance - Replicant

Tunnidge & Cyrus* - Lights

man u got sum nerve parring Cyrus like that


asap ferg - fergivicious

cool story bruv

Horsepower - Rain

theres honestly too many to mention

every third line in that film sounds ominous and futuristic and sample-ample and the music is gorgeous, without drums and in time signatures that make it easy to sample.

It’s such a great soundtrack, was a big influence for loads of people. Blade Runner Blues has that great pad sample at the beginning which of course Dillinja used twice. Loads of people sampled the Rutger Hauer ‘tears in rain’ speech, Rufige Kru - Manslaughter I can think of. Directors cut the best version of the film imo.

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no seriously. its either just before or just after they go into the eye manufacturer, it’s a cut not actually on the soundtrack but from the film itself

i know it’s there, i was referring to the ‘parring cyrus’ thing

my bad sir