Tunnidge album

Oi, I remember in a getdarker interview with tunnidge that he said he had an album ready for a september release. Anyone has info on this? Thanx

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Tunnidge ‏@TUNNIDGE Oct 8
Doing the artwork for my psychedelic album Mobius Strip today. Test presses arrive his week.

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cool, I was afraid he had dropped his project. can’t wait for this

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Hello DSF, its been a while. My new album is out this Friday 12th February and is available digitaly and on LP Vinyl. You can pre order now from the usual outlets.

You can buy direct from unearthed: https://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/products/tunnidge-mobius-strip-lp

I hope you enjoy, its a bit of a different vibe from me. Big thanks to those showing support, its very much appreciated.



big up for the poster man, got the record pre-ordered and lookin forward to having a proper listen!

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Stone Circle is laaaarge

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