Turntable buzzing: anyone have this problem before?

So this is what’s up: I have a pair of Numark TT1650s that I bought second-hand. I have on them Shure SC35C cartridges, and have them connected to a cheapo Monoprice DJ mixer. What happens, and this only happens when I’ve had the tables on for about an hour is that after a while, a buzzing starts to grow and grow, around the midrange. Eventually it overtakes the sound of the music I’m playing, and I’ll have to turn off and on one of the tables to stop the buzzing.

The weird thing is, it doesn’t appear to be coming from the tables, because I can turn either one off to stop the buzzing. Like no fail, I can turn off one of them, it’ll be fine, then the buzzing will start up again and I’ll turn off and on the opposite table, and it’ll still stop.

The first thing I thought was that it must be a ground issue, and I still think that must ultimately be what it is. But I tried using new wire to ground both tables again, and it still happens! So I’m stumped.

Any of you guys ever have issues with your turntables buzzing and find any solutions?

def sounds like some sort of grounding issue, do you have anything else plugged into the mixer?

when the buzzing happens and you disconnect the grounds from the mixer and reconnect does the hum go away? (instead of just turning off the TTs)

also, try taking out the headshell of one of/both decks when its buzzing and see if the sound abruptly stops

just a bit of troubleshooting

(you should really save up for a better mixer tho haha)

That’s a good idea about the headshell. I haven’t tried disconnecting grounds when the buzzing happens, only because the position that the turntables are in makes it difficult to do so, but I’ll try that as well.

But yeah, this mixer is just a temporary solution, do you think the mixer itself could not be holding ground? I haven’t tried with another mixer because I don’t have access to one.

Will update once I troubleshoot.

It’s probably the mixer.