Turntable/mixer beginner set-up?

hi,was wandering what everyone had as their beginner set up when they first started mixing and any other add-ons? was also hoping i could get some recommendations, got about £500 to spend on 2 turntables and £100 for a mixer

Technics 1210s and a borrowed vestax 2ch mixer.

Remember you’ll have to drop some money on needles & cartridges aswell, and those aren’t cheap (at least I recommend buying decent quality since you wouldn’t be doing your records a favour otherwise). I’d recommend Ortofon Concorde Pro; cheap-ish, decent enough, not too heavy on the records and arguably easier to set up than headshell models à la Shure M44-7.

thanks for the advice, seems abit steep on price for me at the moment, was wondering if this is decent? AUDIO TECHNICA AT-LP120USB Direct Drive Professional Turntable
im not looking for anything special at the moment still at a basic level for mixing at the moment buy anything is better than the STANTON STR8-50 atm ahah

If you already know you’ll be sticking with mixing, I’d recommend saving up more money and getting good turntables instead of buying mediocre ones and upgrading later. Especially since “cheap” TTs don’t hold much of a resale-value (whereas it’ll be easy to flip technics for the same price you paid later on).

will keep that in mind, thanks for the advice appreciate it :slight_smile:

I got my current decks for 250 quid.

It’s a pair of Stantons ST-150. I know you can’t beat Technics by any means, but I couldn’t find any at a reasonable price at the time. And these Stantons are really really solid. Did not find any negative opinions about them as well, and personally I’m satisfied with the purchase. The only drawback is they’re heavy as fuck, about 16-18 kilos each.

So what I’m getting at is that most people will tell you to buy 2x Technics, but if you’d rather save some money it’s not that you can’t find any other reasonable offers.
But you’re saying you’ve got 500, so definitely follow jrkhnds’ advice :wink:

Good luck!

Started out on a pair of borrowed Technics 1210 M5G’s and a shitty Vestex mixer.

Eventually after a year my friend wanted his gear back and I reluctantly agreed.

Not sure why he ever let me borrow the Grandaddy of Technics, but he did.

Now I’m using gear I paid for. Technics 1210’s and a Rane 57 TTM-SL.

not too bad :slight_smile: i might stick with the audio technica’s for now as technics are way out of my price range at the moment,i hadn’t accounted for the needles/cartridges and mixer, the reviews seem’s alright for the audio tenicas’s so think i’ll give them a try

lucky guy,my friend sold me that old stanton str8-50 to me for about £30, lasted me for abit but its so outdated and would rather has something that won’t wreck my records.think he was planning on getting some new technics so if he does he said he would sell me his old ones for a reasonable price :slight_smile:

The least expensive SL-1210 on eBay in USA is $600

On Craigslist $500-600 for SL-1200 & $1000 for a pair of mk2

I understand ill could sell the SL1200 mk2 someday but I wont, since these are the best

Amazon has thr SL-1200 mk5 up but says temporarily out if stock $460

Amazon has AT-LP120 for $299

Im so low on funds rn but i really need 2 turntables & a mixer

…my ex smashed my table so i have 0 rn

Anyone know of a better deal or have some input?

Anyone have anything negative to say about the AT-LP120 except its resale value?

It has a built in amp, iv heard thats not good?

How about just cheap portable turntables? Don’t want built-in speakers but bluetooth/USB would be nice…

I use the lp120 and the lp1240 running into an A&H xone 62, the set up sounds good to me. The stock cartridge on the lp120 is utter poo though. Got some ortofons on mine rn.

you can turn off the amp on the lp120 but i’ve seen people say its not ‘true bypass’. Sounds fine to my ears though.

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New Pioneers if you can’t buy techs:

Pioneer DJ has announced the PLX-500, a new budget turntable for both DJs and music fans.

The PLX-500 inherits the layout of Pioneer’s PLX-1000 professional turntable and is ready to use out of the box thanks to its line output. The high-torque deck is also equipped with a USB out port, so that users can make digital recordings with Pioneer’s rekordbox software.

The PLX-500 will be available in early September at a suggested retail price of €349. It comes in two colors: black (PLX-500-K) and white (PLX-500-W).

Watch Pioneer’s introduction video below and learn more on their website.

1 hour left, still a bargain…


super curious about these. but I’ll most likely pass them up and stick with what ive got.