Tutorials On Making Old School Dub Music (Kromestar,Coki style)

Hello everyone,
Anybody knows of good tutorials on how to make those kind of deep/dark dub in the style of Kromestar, Coki etc.
Any help would be appreciated , whether its sound design tutorial or the complete track production ! :slight_smile:


Yea man don’t use the word dub to describe dubstep here or loads of tru hed warriors will jump down ur throat loool.

Honestly tho all the stuff ur asking about is mainly in making the drums nice and solid (also vibey with reverbs and delay etc) but also give the hats AMD percs a little shuffle by moving em off the grid lines a little.

The midrange bass lines just take practice. I mean kromestar has about 3000 different midrange sounds he’s used. I suppose your looking at using LFO and envelope on your filter to get it dead twisted.

I think a few of these guys used to use reason. Coki def did. If u get the chance look into using subtract or if u use reason it has a dead simplified FM function that makes gnarly mid ranges very easily.

Obviously you need a deep sub, use a sine wave for a start and copy your amp and LFO from ur mid but apply it to amp instead of filter. This will make your sub follow ur mid range if that’s what u want.

As for tutorials just google it probably. And listen to the tunes and try to copy what you hear. U will learn a lot that way.


There’s bare spelling mistakes in here but fk it


distance and district have some on youtube altho thats less wobbly more neuro stuff
nomine has some on sub bass on youtube too

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Thanx bro, i am looking for the sound design process for those kind of mid range basses

Check out Icicle’s tute on mid-range

Honestly a lot of them (if u wanna copy exactly) come from the wave tables on subtractor or layered up. The ,7 wave table gives u that glassy sound and the 6 gives u the harsh FM sound. The others all have a specific timbre that you will deffo have heard through out loads of tearout tunes.

If this makes no sense I am v drunk sox

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lol happy weekend bro :laughing:

Link on the nomine one?

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thanx man

I like his blind man song