U ever get this with your tunes

finished tune, sounds good and mixed

then u listen to it briefly and it’s sounding like, out of time, like in tune and everything, mix still sounds fine but just like it’s rushing you along a bit unpleasantly or like it’s just not quite syncing

i get this quite often

is this just something when u’ve listened to something way too much or am i just generally losing it

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Ear fatigue is a thing, could be that, I know for me when i finish a tune and i end up listening to it over and over again at some point i just lose my taste for it, like elements of it start to grate and stick out a bit.

Take a break/listen to other shit/dont listen to music in general for a bit and come back, give your brain time to reload so when you come back your closer to the mindset another person that’s never heard it before would be in

Sometimes my brain clicks and all of a sudden i have to start fucking with the BPM of a track cos it either seems to slow or its way to speedy, then after a break i come back and its all good again. obvs this is all common sense just sayin


I get that when trying to stick to a specific tempo . Trying to grid at that one speed, even though the rhythm is better at a different one

Don’t know about others, but if I wouldn’t ever fine tune timing on my sounds, most of the shit would be off sync. Many 3rd party plugins cause delay. Pitch manipulation fx do the exact opposite, they make the sound start earlier (at least in Logic). Linear Phase EQs cause pre-ringing that can make shit sound off sync, heavy use of sample delay (Haas-effect) can make it sound delayed if etc. etc. etc.

These things only happen without delay compensation on right?

It happens with delay compensation too.

Here’s an example. Upper pic is dry snare. Lower is the same snare with a Linear Phase eq with 5 db low shelf boost and Loudness Maximizer after. Also took down gain a bit. You can see how pre-ringing causes sound to come in earlier, off sync.

This is just a basic one, There’s only 2 plugins. It gets fun when there’s 9 plugins and you’re working on something like a bassline so it’s really hard to tell by eye if it’s too late or too early.

Ohhh shit yea that does happen my bad. Its like in pro tools when u use any of the more CPU intensive plugs and stuff start to phase. The amp simulators are the worst.
Tbh just bounce the track and nudge and/or invert the bounces wave til it matches the original. If this doesn’t work there is probs a phase rotator plug u can use

ooh interesting, i might be getting some lag from my shit laptop/sample rate settings

i don’t use that many plugins but once u have a few soft synths going or warpings in complex pro the cpu use does get pretty high

Try adjusting ur buffer size?

On Laptop?


It’s something about not being able to deal with larger chunks of audio because the processors on a lot of laptops arent physically big enough

a laptop is built to multitask and in that sense ‘everything else’ is put ahead of dealing with any specific task

like it has to be able to run minor tasks first that can slow it down aswell

eventhough the individual specs should be ok

thought you were talking about tune speed. yeah for the technical slowness definitely try lower buffer rate, even the ASIO drivers cause lag sometimes on mine

Also try removing the battery, laptop working through charger

its not daw buffer settings but the whole processor buffering that causes this

but yeah also try what ravi says with the plug


just saw this thread again,

the answer was like 90% shit mixdown

like overcompressed elements all over the place, not been noticing it nearly as much lately

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if you update your computer then the way rendering is handled with audio and such can change from time to time
i think mostly in pcs with a lot of thirdware plugs.

Its a good idea to bounce down before mixing - just for the sake of tying down what ever it is you want to mix

and remember that those kind of judgement calls (how it sounds or how is my computer behaving compared to another time) are incredibly complex processes and that our hearing-ability is even more complex and psychological

There’s so many parts that it’s impossible to get a rule in, which is why enginering and such is best handled creatively aswell imo

at least its always an artistic choice this way