UFOlogy - Beginner needs feedback

Hi guys! Would you please give me feedback on this track? I’m a beginner and I really need advices…

Thx a lot!

for one, your mix down is atrocious. i’m not the greatest myself, but nothing has a space of its own. everything seems to be on the same volume/level. did you side-chain or compress anything? if you don’t know what that is you need to learn about it. lots of videos on youtube. your elements need to be separated by importance or what they are doing. learn about proper freqencies fro each element. drums/bass/mid/top etc. send background/stereo elements to the back using reverb. you bass should be the main focus it shouldn’t be fighting with anything.there’s so much you can do. lol

Okay it’s apparent that you are new to making music. This song just sounds like a tonne of samples thrown together in any old way, which is fine, alot of people do this when starting out. I could sit here and nitpick about every little element of this track and explain how you can improve it, but i doubt any of it will get through so my advice would be to actually learn about what it is that you are doing, youtube is a fantastic source and there’s all sorts of content on there which will improve your music 10000%.

Thx a lot guys for your precious feedback!

I may have to tell I’m a saxophone player for a quite long time and I’m used to rec instrumental music, manipulate sounds with Cubase.

I think my main difficulty comes from the electronic side of my latest productions. I don’t really konw how to approach this kind of sounds and I think I fucked this tune up trying to make it loudest as possible with massive parallel compressions and stuffs like this…

Would you please try to hear this one I made with the same analog synth but with a totally different approach. Does it sound better for you guys?

Once again: thanks a lot!

Lol wtf did I just listen to.

FYI that second track is much better