Uh help pls

just got new trs cables today,

yesterday was running through an un balanced jack lead into 1 krk while mixing, sounded fine

today i check it with this new one and it sounds all fucked up, like eqs all weird, drums have gone full concrete chamber reverb though i thought i kept it in tight

weird set up atm, laptop going into line in on an amplifier, then trs cable to krks coming from headphone jack on the amp

this is the tune, sounds fine on my hifi and headphones, just checked it with the cable i was using yesterday and sounds how i wanted it to

wtf is going on how can a cable make something more reverby

Don’t know the first thing about monitors and cables, but I’m guessing that the cable is high quality and making for a more accurate reproduction of your reverb settings. So with your old set up, you were hearing a reduction of your reverb and this new cable is exposing that.

Again though, I don’t know at all so probably wait until somebody else says something before you go back to projects lol.

i think it’s the cables, maybe they don’t like running through the amp how i’ve got them, maybe they’re just fucked, (they were about 4 quid each), most stuff sounded like shit through them, like i tried jook’s tune lucy and the snare just disappeared on them… i don’t think 1 cable could have been hi quality enough to transform a mix that much, especially as i tested on good headphones and with headphones i find reverb usually much more prominent

i hope so otherwise jheeze this tune needs work

that’s a terrible kick, sounds like a cardboard box

and the snare is a bit weak

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yes have been hearing bad things about this kick

: (

i liked it lol

big up for honest feedback

would you like some nice kicks?

happy to make my own, this was just a couple 909s

got tons of kick samples though to make something better in the future

fine fuk u i wont give u these nice kicks i done found

shit sorry that’s bare nice of you, would be cool yeah,

more like

lacking in technique, for snares even more so man, keep ending up with flabby sounding results, any pointers or tutorial vids would be more helpful

nah man i was kidding, i thought maybe you just had a hard time finding nice kicks (half the battle of percussion is samples tbh).

Tutorial vids are mostly shit (except like distance and a few (very few) others)

i’m not overly good when it comes to mixing and stuff but a small amount of advice is to write your percussion without any fx on, if it doesnt sound good raw, then it wont sound good no matter what you do to try and improve it. most of what you do after is really making room for other stuff like blines and leads, and then adding delays/reverb to the snare.

try mainly using sends, or i personally prefer duping most percussive channels, side chaining one to the other, then adding fx to the sidechained one, this gives loads of control (and chance to automate stuff individually) and everything sounds crisp.

try to avoid those synthetic sounding kicks and snares, i only use big 909 kicks and 909 hats tbh (percy) they will sound more and more flabby as you process them,

dont layer snares too much otherwise they dont sound nice and organic, a woody snare (rim shot type) and a dub type snare layered and call it a day imo (for that kind of music).

if you want your kicks to be more punchy, use a tiny click type sound (from anything) just before the kick (like mili seconds) works wonders.

yeah i use very little effects on my drums, small bit of sidechained reverb on a send to give it a little ambience, make it less dry and sound like it’s mixed together in one room but like things snappy not dubbed out, and compression on it overall to give it bite in the mix but that’s in a late stage usually, and didn’t feel it necessary on this tune

thanks for advice, if you’re layering 2 snare hits like that how do you eq, like leaving most in but bumping and cutting a little or completely eqing them to seperate frequencies, seen people do either…

just cut a little bits out sometimes if something sounds off, sometimes they sound okay, i kinda like the raw sound to percussion (would be different if doing broey type clean or dungeon).

Frequency splitting personally just do on bass.

you really, really shouldnt send an amped signal to powered speakers, the wack setup has to be the issue

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Yeah, bit weird setup tbh.

got a focusrite 212, got both set up now, all sounds really good, issue was the stupid set up not wires or tunes, cheers