UK Drill//Trap/Afroswing/social deprivation glorification

Post drill/trap/afrotrap from uk


and 67, don’t forget 67 lool

the uk national anthem

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this is true, that’s the actual uk national anthem


really like that redrum 1

been feeling this sound more and more lately

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yeah feel both the genres have really matured over the last year. the afro beats influenced stuff is so wavey. and then the drill stuff is hit and miss but some of its fyah

yesss the afrobeat influence is fucking key

few too many tears of a roadman drake copies going about still

i like certain cold drilly UK rap

but I’m a bit of a ■■■■ abt it cus tbh UK just cant do the trap stuff as naturally or inventively as the muricans most of the time IMO

anyway this is a banga, dont know too much of this shit, have had a couple looks on SBTV and now and then but thats it

some of the afrobeats influenced stuff is very different to the us stuff. j-hus, kojo funds, mostack are the bate ones. deefundo is pretty hard


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the comments on UK rap videos are hilarious tbh. full of youts arguing over which gang or whose ends are harder.

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