UK Garage and raving crew - So this fake Artful Dodger DJ going around

Not much seems to be on the internet about this but basically there is a guy who is getting bookings by pretending to be part of the biggest UK Garage group of all time - (Fake) Here is the real one -

Very strange yes



He was at a very big festival at the weekend called Born and Bred in London. He is just some random guy lol

Hey, these days, thats a pretty good tactic as far as bookings. As long as you’re prepared for the lawsuit. That dude probably made a ton of new fans.

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lol what a disgrace.

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Might pretend to be benga


seriously though
who cares?

when you get big I’ll steal your identity and see how you feel about that :wink:



Do you know how big Artful Dodger were? Do you know who they are? They are before dubstep.

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Oh, I didn’t realise @pure was part of Artful Dodger.

You asked who cares, not why does pure care. He’s obviously a fan though.
I imagine people who paid to see artful dodger care too.


Ha, fair enough.

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I am not part of Artful dodger

I think the real Artful Dodger gave this guy the greenlight iirc

Just heard that through the grapevine though.

Still a fake Artful Dodger. Any random guy. Crazy. I also heard the original Artful Dodger were pressured into giving away the name. All some fraudulent business either way.

How weird. The real artful dodger is still using his name though, and seems to be emphasising the ‘real’ bit. Artful Bodgers more like amirite

one of them operates as “artful” now. music’s kinda meh

Yeah its pretty funny when I saw them at outlook it confused me.

There’s an interview where they are discussing their early hits lol