Ultra noob: how to make vocals mesh with the track?

I only ever do edits to songs and I only use Audition. I was wondering what effect or method to use to make vocals appear as “part of the music” instead of just slapped on top of the track, ifyou know what i mean. If i just do a mix paste, obviously it sounds awful and very amateurish.

For example, how do you get vocals to sound like the moans in Bar9 Midnight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55svGPl7QQ

Or the voice in Temperature Drop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBP3LLBvOzg

Is it possible in Audition or do i need to use something more advanced?

I don’t know what Audition is, but it’s a matter of making a good mix.
Making different elements sound good together is pretty much the
definition of a mixing engineer’s job. There’s no tricks apart from eqing,
compressing, gating and adding reverb or delay.

That being said, it’s of course very important to have the vocals
in the same key as -for example- your bass line.

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Or a related key like the dominant (5th / +7) or possibly subdominant (4th / +5) keys. You can tune the acapella and/or instrumental accordingly. DJing software like Virtual DJ can help you to detect the key and tempo and sync and retune the parts.

Here’s the circle fifths to see the dominant (clockwise) and subdominant (counterclockwise) keys.

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i know fuckall about music theory or music engineering, so thanks for the replies. I’ll look into reverb and all that.

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Audititoin is Adobe Audition CC

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