Unknown Producers


I couldn’t find a thread for lesser known producers, so I thought lets make one and find some producers who are being mad slept on.

BORG is constantly overlooked but consistently creates some made weight. Based in Los Angeles .

Shamanic Steppa from Ireland deserves some more attention IMO.


Post tunes from unknown guys, it can only help the sound,



these guys have releases out on good labels, but i think in the grand scheme of things (or whatever the correct expression is) they are relatively unknown.

sick tunes


Right back at ya big man, I still batter the fuck out of Loaded, ridiculous tune



Put yourself in that list man

Listen to kai li & Itchy - Shrunken head (Johney remix) by Johney #np on #SoundCloud


this one is tufff, nice work @syrup and thanks for the good words :salute:


I knew a lot of you guys produced but never really got to hear your guys stuff. Maybe I don’t hang around the right threads often enough.


big up lads, Loaded should be out soon btw


(commenting to follow thread)


I knew there were amazing producers lurking in the shadows here.





dunno if having releases/people playing out music counts as unknown but not getting shows very much kinda does i guess…








Chemist RNS



more i’ve missed tbhhhh

seemed like a chance to big up/turn you lot onto some(there’s sooooo many more) birmingham’ish lot doing big things :)_


@kaili, @cyclopian, gisaza, primer, breez, etc.


+1 for yilan


My good friend Inertia is a badman producer, both 140 and 170 sheenanigans

@hirszu is a serious talent as well

@Khromi on that jazzy tip

@Lowquid has got some great stuff


also the whole Chameleon Audio camp is smashing it in terms of grime right now, Chemist RNS, Mojoe, Jakebob and them dons are doing bits


my guy rufus consistently smashes it although he isnt so unknown these days!


if we’re talking people from the forum @Lye_Form surely deserves a mention

big up on that things betwixt ep m8, been on repeat lately :gunfinger:



true true, was going to just linky chameleon audio but it wasnt in keeping with putting individual names…

they have a HIGH work rate and was talking about them with a friend only a few days ago…they are one birmingham crew doing things properly to an extent, which is nice to see… :slight_smile: