Untitled / looking for feedback [140 bpm]

Hey guys,
want do you think about this one?
Some more melodic, but deep and somehow dramatic and fucked-up stuff.
If it is dupstep - i don’t know :smiley:


Any feedback is apriciated!

I quite like the dynamics, but i feel the glitch starting sound a little unorganized with the rhythm although I really dig the vibe. Maybe add a bass? or fuck up the rhythm a bit more? Probably I would pick adding a nice long and deep bassline but please dont go with the wobble shit… something soft, tender and deep. Just my two cents :wink:

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Hey @Richard_Csizmazia, thank you for your proposals!
yes, a long and subtle bassline could help to make it bigger.
Which “glitch starting sound” do you exactely mean?

I am glad you dig the vibes, thank you!

Any other opinions? :slight_smile: