Urban Fox - Tribe of Issachar (Rootikal-Dubstep/Steppas)

This one’s been doing the rounds for a few months. Shout out to all my April birthday brothers and sisters on this one!


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I’d take the sub down 100hz but this bangs

down 100hz?

Yeah a little lower, it’s ok as it is and suits a dubby tune but (on my headphones at least) it’s lacking a tiny bit of low end clout.

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i see what your saying, sorry i understand what u meant by bring it down 100hz.

I tried some workarounds, but wanted to keep it in the key of B where the fundementals at roughly 60hz, any lower than that and it loses it tone/clarity.

Lesson to be learnt here is write dub in E/F/G lol :blush:

Cheers for the comments bro,


updated full track